Making Refurbished Laptops like New again

After working with a local computer store for a while we became friends with the main technician and were able to learn a lot by asking questions and observing what went on at the repair bench in the back of the store. At one point we were invited to see the process and get a better feel for what it involved. Once we got the chance to learn about the actual process which involves refurbished laptops which is quite interesting. So after the initial consultation, the laptop was sent to the repair facility and it was tested for any issues with the hardware. They went through a very specific list of things to test and they had the ability to interchange parts that were good to see if they had properly troubleshot the parts that were causing the issues.

Many times the process would result in simply replacing a faulty component. This was impressive because the technicians had the right tools to work with and many of them could quickly zero-in on the issue simply by reading the notes which the original technician had made. Originally most of the reconditioned laptops which came in to be fixed had been troubleshot over the phone. At that point they would setup shipping, send a box and have the customer sends the computer in.

Obviously laptops are easy to have accidentally damaged when they are used when traveling. This is just one of the downsides but it is well worth it otherwise people would be stuck in one spot when using their computer. These devices are made from many parts and when one part goes bad it does not mean that the laptop as a whole becomes useless. On the contrary it is an excellent opportunity to make a refurbished laptop like new again so that the owner can get back to actually using their computer for the things they do with it. All around it was an interesting and educational experience.

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  1. When my wife dropped our new laptop we had it repaired and this is basically the same kind of process where they send the shipping box and all. This was a real plus as far as we were concerned when we bought a refurbished laptop recently. Saved a couple hundred dollars doing this with nearly the same perks.

  2. Laptops are like any small device which you carry around with you, they are susceptible to being dropped or something like that. We buy the cheap laptops for our kids, they are used but they are really nice models. So the savings is in the fact that they are used, you know like $200 for a laptop with DVD burner, WiFi, 3 GB of RAM. I mean the kids have them and they are Powerful and have the good specs, if they get dropped and damaged then we would definitely just get another one for a couple hundred dollars or less.

  3. I wish I could do the whole refurbishing thing myself cause then it would be even cheaper!

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