Technology and using 200 Dollar Laptops in Homes and Businesses

As you can imagine the technology industry is an extremely competitive business. There is not only the competition which involves making the name brand well recognized in the industry, but there is the need to actually stay competitive as well. For many of the big name computer manufacturers which have been around for many years and are well known household brands, they have the luxury of being at the top of the heap so to speak.

However the competition which exists among the large technology companies is indeed tough to say the least. Growth in technology means utilizing the latest advances in many respects and therefore the older computers which have been in the marketplace for quite some time can in many instances be used to gauge the success of a specific line of laptops for example. Frequently these same computers wind up on the pre-owned market as cheap laptops for sale under 200 dollars as the original owners and companies who bought them new now decide to go ahead and upgrade several units to newer laptops. Of course this is typical of any industry not just the technology sector.

Small Business Laptop Computer

People are similar to businesses in some ways and this typically has to do with how a budget is used. The end goal may be more than just getting a good price though. The best example is how a computer is used for the tasks which the user needs it for. Today with the social media, online news sources and other time sensitive information it is the ability of the computer to stay connected. The simplicity of all of this is ultimately why so many of us continue to use our laptops as well as smartphones on such a consistent daily basis. There is no longer any need to wait for the headlines as the news sources are essentially at our finger tips 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

So while the similarities are notable, businesses simply have to adjust to a given budget on a larger scale. It is interesting to note that the same devices, such as laptops, are used both in the home and the office today. This kind of scenario is now firmly ingrained in homes and businesses around the globe even in the challenging times we live in today.

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  1. I can speak from the perspective of a business employee who already appreciates the fact that our company, however small, is very proactive when it 0ocmes to staying up to date on the technical aspect of the business. I am totally thankful that we have new laptops (got them last year), and we are able to get probably 60% more work done than we did on our old laptops. I know not everyone is this fortunate but if you can, get your company to invest in newer models – it totally makes a difference. – Steve

  2. Wow these are low cost but are they really effective? I hope so because we all could use a break in price like these.

  3. I have used the same old laptop for 4 or 5 year, can’t remember exactly. I keep it updated and run checks for spyware everyday. I play games online but I only use sites that I am familiar with. If you play it safe your laptop could last for many years like mine has.

  4. I had one of those! It is an old Acer netbook and it still works (gave it to my daughter). It can connect to any of the public hotspots around her campus, guess technology doesn’t change so fast in the WiFi department.

  5. Dude I think that is an ASUS not an Acer.

  6. You don’t really need to get a netbook if you prefer a full size model. I like the full screens which are 15.6″ standard. A lot of the laptops under $200 like this are priced this cheap because they are refurbished. I guess it all depends on what you intend to do on yours. I like to watch movies while other people may need it just to get online and socialize, shop, research etc.

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